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From a 0 to a 1500 in 8 minutes

Flexibility is more in demand today than ever before. Innovative materials need innovative solutions. And so the MV-R has its finger on the pulse when it comes to the precise sintering of modern zirconium oxides. The MV-R offers you all the freedom you need - whether it's a veneer in 30 minutes, a single crown in 60 minutes or an implant bridge overnight - one thing is certain, you will sleep well in the future thanks to your reliable partner. Enter the new era of efficiency!

113 a

Extremely Fast with 200°C per Minute

Extremely High Temperatures with a maximum heat of 1650°C

Highly Precise with an accuracy of +/- 1°C at 1500°C, controlled device cooling and
linear cooling

High TEC through the latest control technology and molybdenum disilicide heating elements PRO

Full Flexibility 4 sintering modes with SPEED-Motion, SPEED-Plus, SPEED and Classic

Easy Programming & Controlling via the 7" touch display and clear
menu navigation

ON POINT with timer function, detailed device diagnostics via QR code and access via USB interface

Technical features
Mode Speed Motion, Speed+, Speed, Classic
Max. Temperature 1650°C
Heating elements 4 x MoSi²
Shortest heating time 8 min at 1500°C with Speed Motion
Thermo-element type PtRh-Pt, type S
Control accuracy at 1500°C +/-1°C
Max. Combustion chamber capacity 2 x sintering tray D100 x 30mm
Usable heating chamber height 75mm
max. temperature rise 0-900°C : 200°C/min 901-1200°C : 150°C/min 1201-1650°C : 125°C/min
Programm Spots 200
Heating stages/cooling stages 10
Special features 1) Temperature control 2) Cleaning heating chamber 3) Regeneration heating elements
Technical specifications
Max. Power 3500 watts
Voltage range, frequency 200-240V, 50/60Hz
weight 65kg
Measurements W/D/H 390/540/780mm
Energy consumption per sintering cycle 1,8 kWh at SPEED

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