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Adormelting SML Dental Powder

Contrary to the opinion of some, despite rising precious metal prices, precious metal alloys are not disappearing from the scene anytime soon - and there is a reason for this: in Germany alone, approx. 4 tons of precious metal alloys are used every year to manufacture dental restorations. No comparable framework material has been so extensively and diversely investigated clinically and written down. Likewise, there is no comparable substitute that could keep up with the longevity, biocompatibility, application variety, corrosion resistance, processing and esthetics according to today's standards. It just remains with the so-called Golden Standard. The optimum corrosion protection is provided by alloys with a gold content of over 75%.

As a long-standing manufacturer and specialist of dental alloys, we carry precious metals not only in our name, but also in our heart. We dedicate our heart and soul to our passion so that we can offer our customers the best. As a premium manufacturer, we understand the necessity of excellent products, customer-oriented service and solution-oriented service.

Fields of application

The range of applications stretches from the fabrication of crowns, dental bridges and telescopes to clasps and retentions or even the soldering of metal joints. As simple as the mixing of components - such as metals - to form an alloy sounds, the actual effort involved is far more complex. When choosing the materials and the right composition, it is important to ensure that the material excludes any kind of metal allergies and thus demonstrates biocompatibility. It is important to avoid material incompatibilities that may be caused by the dental prosthesis or implants.


Edelmetalllegierung Adornova PS+
Edelmetalllegierung Adornova NF
Metallkeramiklegierung Adornova Light
Metallkeramiklegierung Adornova P500

Our top sellers: The gold-reduced universal alloys of the ADORNOVA series have a high quality, are suitable for metal-ceramic dentures or as dental casting alloy and applicable for common indications as well as: Inlays, onlays, crowns, small bridges, milling, cone and attachment work, model casting and veneering with LFC.