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Adorbond CC Powder 15-45µm

Bottle á 5 kg

Biocompatible NEM-Burn-on alloy based on cobalt-chromium

Grain size: 15/45 µm

279,90  excl. VAT

Menge Preis/Stück
5 - 9 265,91 
10 - 24 251,91 
25 - 49 237,92 
50 - 99 223,92 


Adorbond CC Powder is a dental cobalt-based metal-ceramic alloy. Adorbond CC Powder free of nickel, cadmium, beryllium and lead and conforms to EN ISO 22674 type 5 for applications where parts of the fixture require a combination of high stiffness and yield strength, e.g. thin removable partial dentures, parts with thin cross-sections, clasps. Adorbond CC Powder can be used both as a model casting alloy and as a metal-ceramic alloy.

Composition Technical specifications (normative index)
(mass fraction-%) Density (g/cm3) 8,3
Cobalt 62,5 Vickers hardness (HV 10) 285
Chrome 24,6 CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion)
Molybdenum 2,9 25 - 500 °C (10-6 K-1) 13,9
Tungsten 8,5 20 - 600 °C (10-6 K-1) 14,0
Silicon 1,3 Melting interval (°C) 1.304 - 1.369
Elements <1% Nb, Mn, Fe, N Highest recommended firing temperature TBr,max 980
    Yield strength (MPa) 1068
    Elastic modulus (N/mm2) 236
    Elongation at break A5 (%) 2,8

Safety instructions

Metal dust is harmful to health! Avoid dust formation and inhalation of the powder! Use suction when handling the powder, working out and blasting. Wearing of tight-fitting safety goggles, protective gloves, FFP3 respirator and protective clothing is recommended. Observe safety data sheet. Hypersensitivities to components of the alloy must be taken into account. In case of suspected incompatibilities to individual elements of this alloy, it should not be used.


These technical application recommendations are based on our own tests and experience and can therefore only be regarded as guidelines. The dentist or dental assistent himself is responsible for the correct application of the product.

Instruction manual

ADORBOND CC Powder (15/45) Download


Additional information

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